RIG Technologies International provides world-leading instrumentation and cloud-based technologies that help the mining industry get better data, faster.


We are transforming the acquisition and transmission of downhole data by recording a range of geophysical, rig performance and rig diagnostics while drilling.

This critical data can then be accessed live by geologists and other stakeholders from any location around the world. Our solutions significantly reduce the time frames required to record the downhole data and turn it into high-quality, reliable information. This means decision-makers can make better decisions, sooner, delivering significant financial and operational benefits.

Our clients include some of the world’s largest blue-chip mining companies across a range of commodities, including major iron-ore, bauxite and mineral sands producers.

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Cutting-edge R&D

Our vision is to accelerate drilling innovation and downhole data logging technologies for the mining industry globally and in space.

Our team of highly qualified, innovative personnel design, test and manufacture new technologies in-house to achieve this. We partner with clients and major academic and research institutions to continuously refine our products and ensure they integrate seamlessly with existing workflows. Our technology has also been supported by key industry bodies and funding awarded through the METS-ignited and CRC-P programs.

Our Team

Graeme Wallis
Graeme Wallis
Director/Founding Investor
Graeme is Managing Director for Wallis Drilling, whose Air Core drilling system revolutionized the drilling industry in 1974. Innovation continues to be a key priority for Wallis Drilling, with the release of the W300RC autonomous RC drilling rig in 2017. Graeme is an avid supporter of innovation in the mining industry and, recognising its potential, was a founding investor of RIG Technologies International.
Dr Tim Hopper
Dr Tim Hopper
Managing Director and Co-founder
Tim has a proven track record of taking innovative geophysical sensors from concept to commercialisation. His background in oil and gas provides cross-industry insight and experience in providing new and innovative solutions for the mining industry.
Darren Palmer
Darren Palmer
General Manager
Darren has a broad range of global experience including field-based data acquisition, sales and marketing, operations management and developing strategic business improvement initiatives.