We see a world where we will deliver all the data geologists need to make decisions in real time as the drill keeps turning.

Live Drill Site Data

Live Drill Site Data

drillMAX sits directly behind your RC drill bit and records natural gamma and a directional hole survey.

Get Better Data, Faster

drillMAX also provides information about drilling dynamics – all while the drill keeps turning.

  • Eliminates the cost of pulling rods to run surveys
  • Provides high-quality geophysical data
  • Ensures survey results right to the bottom of the drill string and in bad ground
  • Allows more time drilling, delivering more metres/day
  • High quality, QC'd data set

drillINFO is a cloud-based data insight system.

Speed up the time to gain insight with live data streams from drills, automatic collation of multiple data types by hole and automatic integration into your existing data systems.

drillINFO is changing the view of remote operations - enable remote decision making with live data streams, enable data science teams with API access and QC'd high quality data.

  • Automated API integration into your data architecture
  • Reduce personnel on sites, together with associated costs
  • Significantly improves data acquisition and decision-making response times

drillHUB connects remote drill sites to any location around the world.

View live drilling performance, rig diagnostics both at the drill, and remotely via 3G/4G or satellite connectivity. drillHUB's unique analytical capability edge computes key rig and geophysical data ready for transmission directly to drillINFO.

  • On-board PC and data sensors collect, collate and transmit data
  • View a live dashboard of rig performance data for every rig in the fleet
  • Use rig data to calculate a qualitative rock hardness indicator and end the drill program once the ore body has been dissected, reducing operating costs
  • Prevent unplanned downtime through monitoring rig maintenance sensors
  • Act as a portal for delivery of all geophysical data through the drillINFO data delivery chain